Canvas Prints

MaterialsPrintingFinishing touchPacking and shipment

Photographs in this category are printed on high-quality cotton canvas with a weight of 360g/ m2, which is not only thicker but also more durable than polyester. Cotton has a better defined structure which perfectly absorbs the ink, and is resistant to chipping or cracking along the folds. It is made of cotton, therefore it faithfully reproduces the natural painting canvas. The canvas is stretched and mouted with highest care on a frame made of a painting loom. Our frames are made of dry, polished pine wood of the first grade quality. The individual parts fit perfectly together, allowing their easy adjustment and a simple and rigid frame structure.

Photographs are printed using  pigment ink method on Canon photo plotters, with a resolution of 1440 dpi, which guarantees photographic quality and exceptional detail. Technologies used by our company meet the requirements of museum and gallery quality. For printing, we use only original, ecological and odorless inks that do not contain harmful substances. The sides are also printed, thanks to which they look great when viewed even at a large angle and are suitable for immediate hanging without the need for additional frames.

Prints are finished with a noble varnish, the main task of which is to protect the surface of the image from degradation. It protects against excessive light, color fading and aging of the printout, without reducing the depth and quality of the inks, which significantly extends the life of our prints. We use a glossy varnish, which gives a beautiful, crystal, colorless and shiny coating, additionally increasing the color saturation.

Each painting is carefully packed for shipping. When the image production is finished, it is wrapped with transparent stretch film. Then, a cardboard box is prepared in which the painting is packed, sealed and wrapped once more with black stretch foil. After affixing the warning stickers “Carefully glass”, print is passed on to the courier company for delivery.